Sally’s Writing Groups: Member Books and Other Publications

Jane Ackerman

Louis Pasteur and the Founding of Microbiology, 1-931798-13-3

Dave Crawley

Cat Poems, 978-1-59078-287-3

Dog Poems, 1-59078-454-9

Reading Rhyming, ’Rithmetic, 978-1-590785-652

Over a dozen poems in magazines

Kate Dopirak

At least 8 personal essays in the Post-Gazette, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and other papers

Three publication in Highlights High Five

Several essays in the W.Pa. SCBWI newsletter

One essay in the national SCBWI newsletter

Many exciting publications coming up

Eleanor Kane

Six stories for children’s magazines, such as Highlights

Joan Brest Friedberg

Accept Me as I Am: Best Books of Juvenile Nonfiction on Impairments and Disabilities. Friedberg, Mullins, and Sukiennik, 0-8352-1974-7

Portraying Persons with Disabilities: An Annotated Bibliography of Nonfiction for Children and Teenagers. Friedberg, Mullins, and Sukiennik, 0-8352-3022-8

Literacy: Interdisciplinary Conversations,
Keep Reading My Little Girl, 1-881303-48-9

Super Storytimes: A Guide for Caregivers. Why, How, and What to Read to Young Children.

Super Storytimes and More: A Guide for Early Childhood Teachers and Caregivers. Preparing Young Children to Be Successful Literacy Learners.

Elizabeth Jones

A puzzle in Highlights, poem in Pig Iron press, and many portraits, greeting cards, and illustrations.

Arlene Morris-Lipsman

Presidential Races: The Battle for Power in the United States, 978-0-8225-6783-7

Rebecca O’Connell

Baby Parade, 0-80750-509-9, March 2013

Danny Is Done with Diapers, Spring, 2010

Penina Levine Is a Potato Pancake, 1-5964-3213-6, 2010

Penina Levine Is a Hard-Boiled Egg, 1-5964-3140-7

Four Sides, Eight Nights: A New Spin on Hanukkah, hardcover 1-5964-3059-1, paperback 1-5964-3181-4

The Baby Goes Beep, hardcover 0-7613-1789-9

Myrtle of Willendorf, hardcover 1-8869-1052-9

Elizabeth Segel

For Reading Out Loud: A Guide to Sharing Books with Children, with M.M. Kimmel

Short Takes: Short Stories Selected by Elizabeth Segel